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28 August 2009


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Hi Lisa and Brian,
Great to read your comments!
Brian, I would love to be as connected as Rosa but with the same control as I have now (or more, truth be told). Maybe with power and knowledge I could change a few things!

Lisa, Chesterton almost never has tornadoes so this was a big deal for us. Oklahoma! Wow. I think you are the land of tornadoes. I love thunderstorms but 110 mile/hour winds are scary to me.

Glad no one was hurt. Where do you live? I'm in Oklahoma so tornadoes are common here. I'm guessing from this post they aren't there?

I say that because in Oklahoma we stay on our lawn watching the storm and just listen to the news to make sure it's not near our street. Our weather is so good here they really do tell you what street the tornado is on. It's not uncommon for EF2's to not even get any real news here.

We had one a few months ago that one of my friend's saw and it got called strong winds haha.

Glad you and everyone else is safe. Nature is a powerful force, and she often reminds us of that fact!

I've read that before earthquakes animals often act strangely, as if they can sense what is about to happen.

Humans are animals too -- although we'd probably like to forget that fact. Over time we seem to have distanced ourselves from nature -- almost insulated because of the way we live.

When I am outside before a rain I can often "smell" the rain coming. Perhaps smell isn't the exact word. I guess I sense it coming somehow. Never when I'm inside though.

Wouldn't it be interesting to be as connected as Rosa is?

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