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22 September 2009


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Thank you Auriette for your kind and thoughtful words. Being "aware" and conscious is super important in a world so full of noise and unfocused energy.

I grew up with handmade things. My mother sewed most of my clothes when I was little. I had a mind-teaser puzzle made by my grand-dad, a mouse cage made by my dad, a desk built from hollow-core doors in high school. My mom started making crafts and selling them, and when my dad retired, they made crafts constantly and went on the road to sell them. They'd be gone for weeks at a time, then work around the clock, practically, when they got home, to build stock for the next round of craft shows and festivals. I started looking down at handmade things. I wanted things made in a factory, mass-produced, things that looked like everybody else's things.

Now, I have come to respect craftsmanship. I don't want products, for myself or my pets, that are made in China with substandard materials, things that could be a danger to my furry family because of lead or melamine or some other dangerous substance. I am glad that companies like yours are doing things the old-fashioned way, one at a time, with care and love. Thank you!

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