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15 September 2009


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I knew in China they ate dogs and cats, and i can understand that they are raised for food over there, just like we raise cattle. We find it disgusting and evil, but the Muslims think the same about us raising and eating pigs, and Hindus with cows. It's all a cultural thing, and just because their different doesn't make it evil. What i DO find wrong is that pic showing that they kill them for fur as well. In any culture, that is just awful and selfish!

Thank you Kate! We put love and attention into our toys and it is great to know they are being enjoyed. We are lucky to be able to give love and attention-- we hope our efforts change the world, at least the pet world.

Beautifully stated. I agree completely! One of my cats is a chomper and a chewer, and I have seen dyes bleed on the toys from China, and who knows what is used as stuffing. I feel safer with the toys from purrfect play, and the superior craftsmanship makes them last forever!

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