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25 February 2010


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Hi Dolly,
Thank you for sharing your story. Saving a life is wonderful and a gift for everyone.

My mother and father in law did something very similar with a cat. They were on holiday in Daymer Bay in Cornwall UK they came across a tiny kitten on the beach. The kitten was undernourished and really weak, they fed the kitten and gave it some water. Later in the day they went back and the kitten was still there so they brought it back to the holiday cottage. They ended up bringing the kitten home at the end of the holiday and she lived with them for 16 years and died having had a wonderful life full of love.

A big thanks to all the wonderful Perfectly Parker readers. You guys are great!
Rosa was amazing and this entry always makes me cry. She will always be our lovely girl-- our forever Angel Rosa. She brought us the gift of doggie love to join our love of kitties. They make a great pairing! Now we are dog/cat people. It is all one big love anyway, don't you think?

Oh what a wonderful story!! We are so glad you rescued Bella and made her one of the family!!! We came here from Parker's Blog!!
Your TX furiends,

How wonderful of you to adopt Rosa! My cat Millie was a rescue cat!

Purrs! We are stopping by to say Hi, Parker sent us. Is nice to meet you! =^_^=

what a great story. we agree that adopting a homeless dog/cat can be very rewarding. we adopted a local stray dog and she gave us puppies. she loves us dearly and loves her yard.

parker said this was a great blog to visit.

That is a wonderful story about Rosa. We are glad Parker sent us over!

We heard about your blog from our friend Parker!

Wonderful story--Rosa was a lucky girl.

Miss Perfectly Parker sent us, and those dust bunnies look pawsome!!

What a wonderful story. Purrfectly Parker sent us over and we are very glad she did. We are both rescues and we love our Meowm to pieces!

Okey dokey. We iz back. We luvvs balls. So count us in puhleeze.

That is such a nice and touching story. I'm so glad that Parker sent me over here to visit. And Rosa was so lucky to have you, as you were lucky to have her too. We are all rescue cats, so we truly appreciate the loving heart of a caring person.

Great story and nice to know you can help pets in another country. We visited from Parker! We also will post your blog and pet stuff on our blog. We rescue feral cats and only buy American made products!

Perfectly Parker suggested I visit your site and, WOW, I'm glad I did. Ordered some of the balls right away.

Parker sent us over. We are so happy you adopted Rosa and brought her home from Mexico.

What a beautiful story about Rosa! Your kindness warms our hearts so much. We need more people like you in the world! Parker sent us over and we are so happy to meet you! We are four happy ex-shelter kitties living in Australia! We love our forever home!
Lots of purrrs, Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla & Yuji

What a wonderful story! It's so pawesome that you and Rose found each other and she had such a loving furever home! Thanks for sharing her story and important message about Mexican dogs.

By the way, Parker sent us over!

Hi ho! Nice to meet you!

::Whispers:: Parker sent me

What a wonderful story!! By the way... Perfectly Parker sent us over!

Rosa was very lucky to have found you! What a life she had that she never would have known without your love and kindness. It would have been sad had she never known what it was like to be loved. Very heart warming story.
(We comes from Parkers Place- I am soo glad we did, you made our night!)

That is a wonderful story about Rosa. We heard about you from Parker.

Hi we read about your post on Rosa on Parker's blog. What beautiful story of the first day of the rest of Rosa's life.

Madi and Mom

Howdy, Parker sent me too. What a wonderful woofie story!

Hey, Parker sent us by to leave a comment. What a nice thing to do, to rescue a dog in need of a happy life.

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