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15 December 2010


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hi GLP! i took that photo at his dog friend Zula's house. i awechtd Zula, a 1-year-old blonde Lab, this past weekend and Mason was in total love with her. (he seems to love all dogs but he really loves Labs a dog after my own heart!) he did a good job keeping up with her and they wrestled and played tug until he couldn't keep his eyes open. he passed out in the middle of her toys (she has a ton!) and i thought it would be funny to make a toy mountain out of him. he didn't even move! c.

Oh my gosh, he is sooooo cute! Looking at his ueptcris, you can see his energy and his joy and it makes me want to laugh with him! Thanks for coming by my blog today and commenting! Hoping you have a great day!

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