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14 April 2009


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Hi Christy,
Wow! 12 foster dogs in 2 years-- what a gal!
Glad our wool balls are doing so well for you. We work hard to produce a durable fun ball. Mother Nature provides the amazing wool.

Cheap stuff and expensive stuff often does "break" before it should. The trusty, rusty, and prescratched seems to do best for us-- especially with a multiple pet home. Pats to your dog pack! Thanks for reading.

Are you in my head?!

This is a constant struggle!

I am not always "perfect", I do sometimes buy stuff from China but that's probably less than 3% of my purchases.

When I find those fabulous pair of shoes is think about the people that made them and suddenly my 4 year old pair of flip flops will do just fine thank you.

What about planned obsolescence? Unfortunately a lot of retail stores happily embrace this. Not only is that high quality product a bit more expensive it also will last the alternative and the customers won't need to come back.

I have fostered 12 dogs over the course of about 2 years. At first I got the usual colorful toys but then I discovered Purrfect Play. I guess the wool balls were a bit on the pricey side but oh the value! Not a single ball destroyed or even damaged, hundreds of hours of fun, not a bit of guilt that the dogs had them in their mouths (no toxins entering their bodies), etc.

Sometimes it is more expensive to buy high quality thoughtful items made in the USA but consider the costs of the alternatives and it more than tips the scales in favor of companies like yours!

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