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09 September 2009


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Thanks for this great story Margaret! Doggie love is a wonderful rich part of our life-- and I know it is an important part of your life. Heck, anyone who wants a richer happier life should go rescue a dog!

How lovely. I was just reading a little bio of Derek Jackson, an English physicist from the 30 & 40's. He loved his little dog so much. Once he and his wife (the former Pamela Mitford of the famous Mitford sisters) were on the way to Paris from their home in England. Very soon after they left they realized they left all the tickets, - boat & opera at home. So Derek drove back to the house and got the tickets. The front door got left open and his wee dog crawled in to the back seat. Derek returned to the car and started off again. Pam said, you know who is in the back seat now don't you? Yes, he said. So instead of going to Paris for the Opera, they drove to London and stayed at a hotel so the wee dog would not be disappointed as it obviously wanted to join them for the trip. They could not of course take the dog to Paris and back at that time because of the strict quarantine rules of England.

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