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04 September 2009


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Hi Meagen, Yes they didn't seem very concerned. Luckily we started making homemade food for our pet companions so folk like Evangers can take a hike. In fact this incident with them is when I first started wondering about making our pets' food. It is a bit of work but worth it!

How interesting - I found some weird string in one of our cans of Evangers, wrote to them - sent them a photo and got the same type of response you did!

This is absolutely horrible. People should know about this and regulations should prevent this from happening. And the company...irresponsible beyond belief.

Hi Tamara,
I will never buy Evangers again. That is for sure. Rosa is one of my dearest life companions. I am currently researching homemade but am feeding Wellness and raw until I get that piece worked into my schedule. Thanks for thinking of Rosa! Pam

I would definitely submit it to Consumerist, and I would switch to a different brand of food too. I don't think I would have much faith in their food after a response like that!

Glad your dog is ok though :)

Thanks Brian! I totally will first thing tomorrow.

You should submit this to Consumerist. They publicize stuff like this to a wide audience.


It is owned by Consumer Union, same ppl who produce Consumer Reports.

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