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21 October 2011


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Finding pet food packaging that isn't lined with perfluorinated carbons is difficult! Most dry food bags are. Cut back on dry pet food or don't feed dry at all is my first reaction. Most kibble is a far cry from what a "natural" dog or cat diet might look like. If you need to feed kibble, transfer it to another container as soon as you open it. Cans are an issue too, since many are lined with BPA's. Geez, what a problem! We started feeding homemade because of this. We use Dr. Karen Becker's homemade pet food book. Available on Mercola.com.

Wow that's scary!

This is a real concern for me personally but I've never thought about pets. How can you find dog food or cat food that isn't packaged in this sort of bag? Any Ideas? thank, Kitty

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